Staying True to the Vision: A Beautiful World!

In 1967 at the zenith of the Black revolt in America, approximately 350 men, women, and children left the confines of the United States en-route to Israel via Liberia, West Africa.   After a successful sojourn of two and one-half years in the interior of Liberia, where a myriad of negative and unbecoming traits were purged, the remnant of pioneers moved to Israel in 1969.  Since that time, Ben Ammi and his followers have struggled to establish the long-awaited Kingdom of God--on earth! Kibbutz Shomrey HaShalom, "The Guardians of Peace," is the urban kibbutz of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem.  


Shomrey HaShalom is the home of over 3000 men, women, and children residing primarily in three development towns in southern Israel -- Dimona, Arad, and Mitzpe Ramon.  Since our arrival in the Holy Land in 1969, we have developed a vibrant culture based upon the principles of communal living; a vegan diet; and holistic, preventive health care and high moral standards.  We strive to manifest a holistic approach to life based on righteousness -- the application of the laws of the God of Creation.

We term this cycle of life, the "Ascension Realm," a thinking and behavior that results in an unmistakable change in direction for the human family.  It is a standard of living characterized by the fact that all aspects of our lives contribute to our fitness and indeterminable longevity. 

 Our music is uplifting, not degrading.

  Our recreation, games and entertainment fortify the soul and spirit.

  Our social relationships are mutually nurturing.

  And our economic activities are in harmony with nature.

  We have found that the true worship of God is a cultural expression.  Thus, we realize that the current problems besetting modern society are the direct result of the application of a way of thinking and behaving that is contrary to the laws of God.  Our return to these Divine laws is literally the key to the process of human development and the establishment of God's kingdom on earth.  Our accomplishments have strengthened our faith in the words of the prophets:  

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