Staying True to the Vision: A Beautiful World!
  • An Imitation of Life

    "The human family is in need of surgery... The most deadly illness is the one that you do not see.  It is the one that goes untreated until it is too late.  Here, Ben Ammi dares to identify the fatal diseases hidden in western liberal democracy and modern religion.  He methodically dissects and challenges the common, acceptable aspects of society and daily life which blind man.  His analysis is all the more compelling because liberal democracy is the socio-economic system of choice; desired by all nations we are led to believe.  Its debilitating effects are at times undetected, and often defended by its victims, who are placated and numbed by lies. 

    This is not life as God intended...only a pale imitation.   The formula necessary to repaid such a condition is not the band-aid of social reform.  The only antidote is Truth: the everlasting building block prescribed in Genesis to maintain the Adamic family.  Truth is the only God-authorized cure effective against awesome battery of lies and the web of deception that have left modern man in despair and confused.  Truth causes a change of direction precisely because it precipitates a fundamental change of mind to a point that the life created by a man so inspired will be such that "life as we know it will never be the same."