Staying True to the Vision: A Beautiful World!
  • God the Black Man and Truth (softback) by Ben Ammi


    In this first installment of the Resurrection Series, Ben Ammi clearly and thoroughly explores the numerous spiritual, social, political, economic and health related problems plaguing Black people around the globe today, linking these unquestionably to our failed relationship with God. 
    "The true worship of God is an entire way of life, a  continuous action, form the meal you eat in the morning to the job you work on.  It encompasses your every deed and thought.   Heaven is not a place beyond the clouds where you go after death.  Heaven is, was and always will be in the minds of Godly people.  There has never been a time in history when Blacks were weaker, sicker, or more fragmented.  The men are in jail, the women in lib, and the children in confusion.  The transformation of the Black soul has made the Black man more European than the European." --- From the Back Cover.